Avalon Murray

Avalon Murray
is a designer and illustrator currently based in
Los Angeles
. Focusing on brand work that often incorporates
playful colors
and pattern. When she’s not staring at a screen she’s either eating
or playing with her
. She’s currently designing at DoorDash working on the Caviar team.

Valentine’s Day

︎︎︎ Graphic Design, Art Direction

Valentine’s Day is Caviar’s top performing day for delivery. We partnered with five NYC restaurants to deliver a set of wonderfully orchestrated imagery under the title The Perfect Match.

No matter what your Valentine’s Day looks like this year, a dinner from Caviar will strike the balance of restaurant-worthy bites and at-home comfort. Like most things that go well together—steak and red wine, cheese and charcuterie, and you with your loved one(s)—a Caviar food delivery is the perfect match for any V-Day celebration.

Creative Direction: Gary Williams
Copy: Ariel Kanter
Photography: Kate Mathis

LA Direct Mail

︎︎︎ Graphic Design
Caviar has set it’s target on Los Angeles as a city obsessed with fantastic food (perfect for delivery).

By highlighting some of Caviar’s best LA merchants with bold type as well as sharp food imagery, these direct mail pieces should grab attention quickly while pushing Caviar orders with a hefty promo code.

These printed postcards will be shipped to homes across the city.



︎︎︎ Graphic Design, Illustration
Food gifting and delivery credits are a huge opportunity for Caviar and DoorDash during the holiday season.

Brand food illustrations were remixed to create fun gift cards and assets for social, email and web.

Riso Pop Up

Print series

︎︎︎ Illustration
A set of illustrations riso printed with MJ Balvanera of Riso Pop Up in Mexico City.